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Aug. 8th, 2016 | 11:49 am

Here is the text for the UFO cabinet - white ink on white paper (Stonehenge).

since valentine's day twenty-one years ago
your focus is wrong
what we got back in return was a warning about cults
i mean, this is the answer to everything
this isn't a troubling circumstance, don't take it as that
it's just a gateway, just a door
get out of this world and grow beyond it, rise above it an leave it behind, both self and this world
what we are about to do is certainly nothing to think negatively about
we're all choosing of our own free will, go to the next level
i wish you could all be here, i wish you were as lucky and fortunate as we are, i guess
bunch of people disappearing from waldport oregon, well, we're still here, but not for long
all of our human vehicles became so... became distasteful, something that was beneath us
well, that's a long story but suffice to say that when i heard the information, i was overwhelmed
you may need to plead repeatedly like i did over a long period of time to show that they're sincere
i feel very honoured and very very lucky that i wasn't stuck back in the world where i chose to make the mistake of going for a while
i had a lot of lessons i needed to learn compared to some of the others
it's just the answer to all my prayers
you both came in in may of nineteen seventy-six after you knew that ti had announced the harvest was closed. is that true?
it was true in my case. i remember when i came in the group that i attended kept trying to tell me to go away
but i wouldn't get out of the chrysler so
when i met you all i had never attended a meeting i saw a poster at the plymouth state college when i was leaving the dark... the darkroom one day
ah, i spent a few years from like nineteen eighty-eight to nineteen ninety-four away from the class
i spent it cause i felt that i'd been taking the class for granted that if i was put out into the world circumstance that i would grow to appreciate it what i had more it was kind of a, a silly gamble cause the class could have left
and so i was really glad that they hadn't left before i came in
i'm just so happy to be back, i was rescued not long ago
now i for one am very much aware of the limitations now of this, this human vehicle that i have and anxious to be of more service to the next level
yeah i'll be happy just to get this suit of clothes off and put on a brand new fresh set and there'll be new vibrations and new atmosphere, just so nice and clean, this place is has just become so corrupt, ungodly and polluted and just totally ah something that is so far beneath the next level that it's, for ti and do to endure what they've endured for twenty-two years it's just unimaginable they'd go through that for us
i've been in the classroom since january of seventy-six, i was very fortunate
work on my control, my restraint
by dropping these bodies we will recieve the inheritance we have been promised of eternal life in a physical next level body to be in service to the chief of chiefs
oh well, sure, i've been in the classroom since ah april or may of nineteen seventy-five and it's almost twenty-two years
when ah so many of you have so many capabilities and talents ah throw, when you could have done so much in the world choose to throw all of that away and go off with some cult and just lose your life
ah, they were seeking some type of goodness some type of rightness that they did not feel in this world
to us we weren't throwing away anything that was of any value to us
the idea that you can become something in this world and really make a difference is an illusion
the underpinnings of this world are so corrupt that you really cannot succeed
unfortunately it's the individuals that these vehicles cared for the most that are actually the greatest threat to us
and they gave it up for a few months or years of closeness to another human
we do hate the things that would pull us backwards
but we would like the individuals that we worked with to remember how they felt about us, how... what kind of work we did for them and to try not to be influenced by what the media might say because we suspect, ah, know the track record of the media, that it might not be all too favourable or objective, so
want to let you know that you might need someone else to finish up your website right now
but we hope that you remember as we were, and not how other people are going to try and tell you that we are
and one last thing we'd like to say is thirty-nine to beam up. thank you (laughter. clapping)
and i'm really glad that i'm going to be losing this vehicle, shedding it of my own volition, because i'm really tired of this world and what it has become
this is not a fantasy
i know that all these words have, have been said before but it's true it's just a painful experience to, to ah recognize that hideousness has become the norm and that people accept it out of ignorance because they've been programmed and
a few thoughts before we leave
i've been with the class for over, ah, approximately twenty-one years and when i came in the seventies it was a time of change and this vehicle liked change, it was into a lot of areas ah, of social action, education, politics, ah, religion, ah, women's lib, ah, whatever, at the time and, but as it became more and more involved in those areas it realized that, ah, it need to make changes individually that i need to be changing myself rather than being concerned about other individuals spent more time looking into, ah, spiritual area
but the garden has, ah, deteriorated as you're probably all aware and, ah, it is the end of the age and there's just nothing interesting here it's... there's not enough to keep us
it had been what i'd been searching for, uh, sorry, for a long time and ah, i knew it even before i read it, and i knew it was the most important thing in my life
okay i am no longer satisfied or fulfilled by any, any human pursuit, indulgence or activity
i've been down many different paths, i've been on both top and bottom of this world, i've tried it all and there's nothing on this planet that is worthwhile or of any interest to me
i'm fully aware that to stay here, to reject the choice to go to the next level, to separate from the kingdom of god is suicide
i regret the time wasted outside this classroom, walking down paths that were dead ends
i know the media will treat this, unless we leave in a craft and no vehicles, no bodies are left behind, as some sort of weird bizarre cult, a suicide cult
and sonody how long have you been in this classroom circumstance?
well i'm very happy to say that next saturday a week from tomorrow, twenty-ninth march will be twenty-two years since i first met ti and do
it looked around and observed what it was seeing around it and it felt that something was missing
well we put up with so many demons on this planet you have no idea how the demons on this planet are because you haven't been in a position of trying to fight em. they be pretty good to you when, when you're working with them. when you decide you don't want them around you have no idea how mean they are
this vehicle was, ah, in santa fe new mexico and read an article, i don't know if it was time or newsweek, some magazine, about how these space age messiahs were, ah, gonna leave on a ufo and take everybody to heaven from this small town in oregon, people were leaving their families
the people is what turned it off, uh, we know that the spin doctors,uh, the ah, yunno the people that make a profession of debunking everybody and putting down everybody, uh, are gonna attack what we're doing just like they attacked, uh, yunno the solar temple and, uh, waco and what have you they're gonna say well these people were crazy they were mesmerized, they were, whatever, and, uh, we know it isn't true but how can you know that?
we've been training on a holodeck for thirty minutes, now it's time to stop, the games over, it's time to put into practise what we've learned, so, we take off the virtual reality helmet, we take off the vehicle that we've used for this task
i've been with this classroom for i think twenty-two years now, i've very thankful that we're not staying here for the recycling process on this planet
uh, had a strong interest in ufos and what's going on with these abductions and space aliens and cattle mutilations and all this type of thing and of course, through the years, uh, that information is very difficult to obtain accurately with the human kingdom it's covered up probably deeper than any other subject, and now we understand why and more clearly than ever before is because, in order for the negative forces to control this world in the way they do the truth has to be covered up and covered with layers of misinformation and deception for even this world's systems, governments, economic systems to survive as they do
we know the media's gonna do a hatchet job on us in the same way they do a hatchet job on practically every subject, if the humans were told the truth about what was on on this planet they'd be shocked and, uh, wouldn't continue in their eight to five slavery and ignorance
how i feel about this step that i'm taking and some may say well boy that's quite a irreversible step and i just want to say that i'm familiar with irreversible steps and, tell you what, i don't know if you remember do talking about that some students had chosen, had proven to him that they desired to have their vehicles neutered, and one of those students that did that, and i can't tell you how free that has made me feel, i've been here long enough from the time i had that operation to know the freedom that it offers me
forget the negative think of the positive because like all, everyone has expressed the media, the lower forces will take this and try to do
something else with it
i know that we are at the end and look very very foward to this next major step of ours where we're gonna be shedding these creatures, these primative creatures that we have used for our lesson ground
that, no matter what happens, that decision is entirely up to me, and i'm very thankful for the design of that
well, i'd just like to say that, uh, i'm about to take an act that probably this world would consider the most awful thing that any person could do
now, what i'm going to do is i'm going to shed this husk, it's worthless, it's useless to me
um, you have a problem with they don't let you do what you want to do with your, with your life, so we're choosing to do this
this planet has become a very very hideous place, um, they take control of you from cradle to the grave
all i can say is that this is the most exciting time for us because this is the end of the class, this is everything that we've waited for, this is the end of the civilization
we're going to lay these vehicles down here shortly and we're gonna, wha, what we're doing is we're going home

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