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The Bleaching Process Statelessness UFO

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Aug. 3rd, 2016 | 09:23 pm

Notes for my very first art show, running for the month of August at Carnegie Community Centre, 401 Main St. in Vancouver in the third floor gallery - three panels of text-based reflections on identity and self.

nineteen twenty book bleaching and related processes powerfully remind schooling horrors symbolically represented by drawings of machines

inscriptions worn like clothing white for the bleached spectral body self imperfect upon the texture of being forever on the edge of legibility in service of or opposition to identity

bad teachers or teachers who were bad

the wild inside identity stomps beneath the floor like a private elephant’s foot chernobyl

record of an unsettling event

i am i am not these markings falling away

(The Bleaching Process)

every statement its own erasure communication with silence in the middle each word evokes a continuum of echo from synonym to antonym never know if this impression is disorder or if everyone performs clear salient things in service to impossible images of self only by leaving wreckage

questions alternately trivial and central is the renege greater to do too much one hundred percent or never do one hundred percent at all

ten seconds later something completely opposite flooded with refinements to the stated i’ll never have a chance to speak

dream diary love letter suicide note recorded dialogue poetry journal narrative fiction current

nation state lullaby poor dreaming dog


presumption perhaps it started when i watched the youtube exit statements from heaven's gate found myself agreeing with some of the things they said while psychically repelled by willful structured mental truancy involved when thirty nine people kill themselves these vehicles to board an imaginary craft to the next level

by ufo i mean suspension of disbelief markers of the edge moving to the center


“small colonies of the saved” (wsmerwin)

there are worse things than choosing to believe in ufos

it is possible this entire installation is an expression of and paean to borderline aspects of myself

soundtrack https://soundcloud.com/dan-feeney/ufofinal


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